We provide our companies the resources and autonomy they need to achieve sustainable, long-term growth

With a strong heritage spanning over 100 years, HBM Holdings successfully acquires, supports, and enhances companies within mission-critical industries, including Aerospace & Defense, Environmental, Medical Devices & Instruments, and Packaging.

Operating Companies

Our supported autonomy approach allows our companies to remain agile while benefitting from HBM's resources and expertise. Our goal is to empower our operating companies to remain or become leaders in their industries.


Since joining HBM from a private equity environment to lead MLC, I have found the partnership with HBM to reflect a long-term focus on results, a sincere commitment to growth and investment in our business, a light touch leadership framework which allows me to shape my organization, and a people-focused culture that builds trust. Even with our 100+ year legacy, we are still driving real change and growth within MLC and the industry for the long term.

Paul Hogan

President & CEO


When HBM acquired us, it was immediately evident that new ownership's long-term view would have a positive impact on our business. Within months, HBM invested in our growth plans by acquiring a segment we had been contemplating for years. This quick investment with no financing delays was a big win for Control Devices. Two years later, our connection to the HBM team continues to feel like an authentic partnership where we are building the business together.

Jim Norris

President & CEO

Control Devices

After working long tenures in two scaled companies with strong safety and talent processes, I am thrilled to see that HBM has a robust focus on people development. The emphasis on a results-oriented yet supportive work environment truly reflects the family ownership structure and has allowed me to foster a people-first and safety-conscious culture at HarperLove.

Kenny Messer

President & CEO


As we engaged in the process of selling Schafer, our priorities were our employees and our customers. Throughout the process, HBM Holdings stood out not just in value for us as shareholders, but in terms of cultural fit. They understand our markets, technology and resource constraints and have a talent development strategy that will help our people continue to grow and succeed. Their focus on growth will benefit both our employees and our customers.

Bipin Doshi

Former CEO and President

Schafer Industries